"Susannah has been an incredible inspiration during my time at Northwestern. Her skills as a violinist are admirable in every sense, but her ability to teach goes above and beyond the standard in the field. She is thoughtful, articulate, and has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. Finding a passionate and loving teacher can be difficult in this day and age. Susannah is a gem."

Bailey W., Evanston, IL

"Susannah has helped me tremendously throughout my freshman year at Northwestern. She's transformed my mindset on how to approach my difficulties in the practice room and attend to the specific details and nuances that make up each piece. She's taught me to think critically on my own when dealing with these challenges. Her work ethic, talent and humility have always inspired me. I would not have improved nearly as much technically or musically, or adjusted as smoothly within our studio without all her support and guidance."

Sabrina P., Evanston, IL


"My daughter had two other violin teachers before Susannah. The first teacher completely skipped over technique and her second teacher would devote six months to one song, which affects a student's eagerness for learning. My daughter's skill level stayed stagnant for years. After one year of teaching by Susannah, my daughter was placed in the most advanced orchestra at her high school and she joined chamber orchestra in her free time because she now loves playing violin. It is always evident that Susannah is dedicated to her students' overall success as knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate musicians. We can't thank her enough."

Laura D., Palatine, IL


"Susannah possesses a contagious enthusiasm and joy for music. Her fun and delightful spirit encourages and inspires my son's love for both playing and performing the violin.  She is a wonderful and special teacher."

Dody H., Wilmette, IL


"Our daughter has been taking violin lessons with Susannah for over 2 years. Before Ms. Susannah, our daughter was learning violin for 4 years with no actual growth or progress at another music facility. Susannah is very knowledgeable and has taken the time to teach our daughter how to play the violin the correct way (i.e. posture, bow handling, consistent practicing etc.). She has created such a unique teacher-student dynamic with our daughter. She has lots of patience and found several creative ways to get our daughter to consistently practice and build confidence with the violin. What I appreciate most about Susannah is her drive in challenging our daughter to take steps beyond her comfort zone."

Terri N., Chicago, IL


"Susannah helped me so much with both musicality and technique when I worked with her. She pushed me to really think and be intentional about every single sound I produced, and her suggestions for how to phrase things always made me enjoy the music more. It also really helped that she could always demonstrate beautifully. Every time I played for Susannah, she gave me the tools to be a much more intentional player, and she is always so encouraging!"

Megan R., Evanston, IL


"I was looking for a teacher who could handle my 7 year old daughter's dreamy personality. Susannah has been great! She moves quickly (a good pace for my daughter), engages her and keeps her interested and wanting to play more! She is very thorough and encouraging. My daughter was nervous about switching teachers but immediately felt comfortable and looks forward to her lessons! Her proficiency has improved since we started taking lessons with Susannah. She teaches my daughter how to position her fingers correctly, proper bow hold and the nuances of sound, all in a loving and sweet way. My daughter adores Susannah!"

Kimberly N., Wilmette, IL


"My daughter loves going to violin and it is because of Susannah.  She is a kind, gentle teacher, but firm.  She isn't just teaching music, but perseverance and responsibility. We highly recommend her!"

Jennifer G., Chicago, IL


"I took lessons from Susannah when she was the TA for my full-time teacher. Soon after we started, I felt that I was looking forward to her lessons just as much as I was to my regular ones. Susannah pays full attention to her students and applies a necessary perfectionism to the development of technique. I learned new modes of practicing, new hand techniques, and began to reject the ways in which I would previously gloss over the mistakes in my practice. We also focused on phrasing, bridging the gap between technical improvement and musicality. It was really great to work with her and she's so nice!" 

Mark G., Glenview, IL


"My daughter is eager to go to class, as she loves Susannah.  I respect Susannah's gentle but firm teaching style, as well as her commitment to the children. She always gets to the classroom on time and is fully prepared with the lesson. I also appreciate Susannah’s direct communication with me (and other parents) to inform us about the progression of the semester and other related activities. We look forward to continuing to work with Susannah!"

  Claudia E., Chicago, IL


"As a parent with three kids studying viola with Susannah, we see her as a dedicated, responsible, and perseverant teacher, and we see the improvement in our kids. They are very excited to come to school every week to learn, and we really appreciate Susannah's time, and all that she does."

Mireille D., Chicago, IL